New Brighton – The Truth Lies Within

“One wild ride!” – SJ Watson, best-selling author of Before I Go To Sleep and Final Cut

“This book will blow you away! It is SO good!!” – Lesley Kara, Sunday Times Top Ten and Amazon #1 bestselling author of psychological thrillers, The Rumour, Who Did You Tell, The Dare 

“The Handmaid’s Tale meets Blade Runner. A powerful tale of control, love and family in a brave new world where nothing is as it seems.” – M.Sean Coleman, author of The Cuckoo Wood, Net Wars and The Code

“A fascinating, well-written and perfectly plotted book with characters you love and hate. Just when you think you’ve worked out what is happening another twist spirals you into an abyss of the unknown.” – Anne Coates, author best-selling Hannah Weybridge series of thrillers

New Brighton (2022) is a science-fiction dystopia for young adults that isn’t afraid to be adventurous, gory, and subversive; visceral images made me writhe with discomfort, while its originality had me hooked from the first page.” – Flora Leask, The Broad Online

“1984 meets His Dark Materials. Sharp, intelligent and engaging.” – S.E. Moorhead, author of Witness X

“Helen Trevorrow grabbed my attention from the start in this well written and gripping story. This story is inventive, imaginative and surprising. I was hooked from the start.” – The Lesbian Review

“I really enjoyed this book. Its a great dystopian piece of writing but its much more. Very interesting approach that the writer has taken. Bravo Helen. ” – Philippa, Quick Book Reviews Podcast

“This is the best science fiction novel I have read in many years. I think British Science Fiction has an important new voice in Helen Trevorrow. How good is it? I would wake up in the middle of the night and instead of going back to sleep I thought “I’ll just turn the light on and read a couple more chapters.” – Martin Scholes, That’s Books Blogspot

During a vicious storm, a battered ship runs aground on Brighton beach. While the city on the sea comes to a ghostly standstill, the unusual event triggers an epic journey for young waitress, Robyn Lockhart.

First, Robyn needs to find the ship’s mysterious cargo, but in doing so she discovers the truth about herself, her family, and the place she’s always called home. Nothing is as it seems.

Robyn begins to question not only who she is, but what she is truly capable of. Will the uncomfortable answers bring her closer to seeing the truth? As she starts to understand her true purpose, her power increases, but where will it take her?

The truth lies within her, she has to learn to trust it to save herself, and those she loves.

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